Other Destinations

Colombia offers a wealth of interesting destinations stretching beyond the main tourist locations and offer further diversity and adventure in this amazingly diverse destination

Pacific Coast

During the months of August through to November pods of humpbacked whale travel to the warmer waters of the Pacific Coast to reproduce. this fascinating occasion is a spectacular way to spend time in the natural beauty of this untouched region. Eco lodges provide basic but comfortable accommodation set amongst dark sand beaches and virgin rain forest.


After Cartagena, Popayan is Colombia’s second most impressive Colonial city with beautiful churches, cloisters and monasteries built in stunning white stone. Home to one of Colombia’s most important universities, Popayan has a lively cafe culture, a very comfortable climate and is famous for its Easter parades and carnival.

San Austin

Set amongst beautiful green rolling hills, San Agustin is home to a series of pre Colombian statues, dating from 3300 BC to just before the Spanish conquest. Very little is known about the culture that produced these amazing sculptures that are set over 20 different sites and offer the visitor the opportunity to explore at leisure either on foot or by horseback. The town is small and relaxed with a number of rustic but comfortable accommodations.


Colombia’s third largest city is set in the hot steamy valley of the river Cauca and its inhabitants of adopted Salsa as their own and are famous for their ability to party from dusk to dawn. A modern city with some interesting Colonial buildings and an excellent zoo, the charm of Cali lies in the character of its people who represent the heart of Colombia and her people, and for those who love to dance salsa, Cali is the place to be.

La Guajira

Desert wilderness and indigenous culture distance this north-easterly department from the rest of Colombia. Expansive beaches backed by sand dunes provide relief from the heat of the day, whilst hammocks and traditional dwellings are the accommodation option en-route. Famous for its salt falts and flocks of wild flamingos, all of which can be seen during a three or four day itinerary, la Guajira is a location for those looking for adventure.

Los Llanos

Stretching eastwards from the foot of the Andean Cordillera to the border of Venezuela, raw and dramatic these flat lands of Colombia provide an insight to this predominantly cattle country. Well known for its stunning sunsets Los Llanos is home to the Llanero cowboy. Brimmed hats, barefooted and hardened to life on the cattle ranches, the life of a Llenaro is free and simple, but tough. Understanding the culture of these people and the way they work is a fascinating insight into life on these open plains.

Central Andean Region

Starting at Villa de Leyva, in the uplands of Boyaca, north of Bogota, this region is known as the colonial belt of Colombia with its many towns and villages and their Spanish colonial architecture. Tunja with its impressive main square and richly decorated churches was once the capital of Colombia and it was not far from here that the battle of Boyaca was fought, an event of great importance in Colombia’s fight for independence from Spain.

The landscape is breathtaking in the Cocuy National Park, where the adventurous can embark on one to nine day hikes, and the vast canyon of Chicamocha, has one of Colombia’s most spectacular cable card rides.

San Gil in the department of Santander is famous for its high adrenalin sports such as river rafting and mountain biking and close by is the picturesque Colonial village of Barrichara with its picture postcard setting and artists community. Bucaramanga is the capital of Santander and is known as the city of parks after its many green spaces and is the perfect beginning or end to a journey through this central Andean region of Colombia.


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