Pacific Coast

During the months of August through to November pods of humpbacked whale travel to the warmer waters of the Pacific Coast to reproduce. this fascinating occasion is a spectacular way to spend time in the natural beauty of this untouched region. Eco lodges provide basic but comfortable accommodation set amongst dark sand beaches and virgin rain forest.

This is the part of Colombia where dense tropical jungle meets the stunning coastline. The Colombian Pacific coast is wildly different from its charmed Caribbean counterpart, yet equally enticing and full of its own rugged and wild character. Unlike the Caribbean the beaches of the Pacific are fine and grey in colour adding to the rugged and raw feel of the region. The area is home to a large Afro- Colombian population and this is reflected in the history, architecture, culture and food of the region. Access to the region is limited and infrastructure often simple however for the more adventurous traveller looking to see a less tamed side of Colombia the Pacific coast is an amazing destination. Spend your time wandering the beaches, exploring the jungle backdrops, interacting with the locals and sampling their famous food and culture, or more adventures pursuits like the scuba diving or deep sea fishing. All in all a truly unique Colombia experience.

Bahia Solano is a small jungle town located on the Pacific coast. The population is largely of African descent. The principal industry of the town is fishing and the slowly developing tourist trade. This is a simple little town and the infrastructure is minimal however for anyone wanting to gain an insight in to the region and its cultures so different from that of the rest of the country it’s a great place to start.

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Suggested activiy for your trip in Colombia.
Hike through the Tayrona National Park
During your walk you can look out for some of the Kogi tribes’ people who still live in the park, plus the array of flora and fauna that you will pass during your trip. As you walk your guide will be on hand to explain not only the culture and history of the park but also about the wildlife that you may see on the way.

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